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Site Policies

Site Policies

How to buy

First chose your country  // We ship worldwide - If your country is not below click here

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1 - Select you product and add to basket.

2 - After adding your products, finish your order

3 - Complete the registration data and choose the delivery and payment.

3 - You can pay by credit card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express).

How to pay with credit card

To make your credit card payment, we will ask:

  1. Credit card number
  2. Security code.
  3. Maturity (month and year).
  4. First and last name printed on the card.

Tarjetas de crédito

Tarjetas de crédito

Tarjetas de crédito

You have to complete de the details of the holder.

The data for the credit card payment is sent securely in a new page, the store does not have access to your data.



Deliveries will be made ​​within 3 working days after receiving payment confirmation. In 90% of cases, delivery is made the next day of confirmation and stipulate that period just to avoid the risk of failure with the customer.

Your product delivery is our guarantee. All orders are shipped by International Mail with tracking code, which validates that process is order online.

The delivery time for all Europe is 8-15 working days.

Why the delivery time its longer?

Many customers sometimes ask us why our delivery time is longer than many places. What happens is that our products La Moda del Mundo es en Camisetas Importadas Méxicoimportados, are imported collected from the best fashion trends at the time, in collections that change every fortnight.

By shopping at our site you may have in mind is an exclusive purchase, shirts that do not sell in your city. Remember to always your delivery is guaranteed, for us, for PayPal and Posts.

So you can buy with confidence and certainty that the purchase is worth the peels.


Security in the purchase

                                                  To process our payments we use PayPal, which ensures complete safety on your purchase. With PayPal Con PayPal Tu Compra é Siempre Segurayour delivery is guaranteed and your card details will be fully protected

Also, PayPal has a buyer protection program to ensure that the stores with the best reputations can use their method of payment.


Data Privacy Policy

We keep the data only in the following situations:

- In the record of purchases

- In the database of our promotions.

- In response to a survey.

- In the registry to receive news and promotions from our site by e-mail.

The payment details are not stored in the store. You will only receive promotional emails if you choose to receive offers and promotions at the time of registration.



  Enter our FAQ page and tell us your questions.


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